Welcome to the webpage of Desmumhnach, where history comes alive!

Come in en let yourselves immurge in the world of Celts and Romans. Meet gladiators,legionairs, warriors and craftsmen....but let yourselves be surprised by the rich history in our regions.

Are you ready for this unique adventure? Then let yourselves been taken in this incredible journey trough crafts, living history en spectaculair fights.

See you all soon!


  • Desmumhnach searches

    Desmumhnach searches

    Do you want to be part of a interesting hobby/live style? Is history your thing, and you want to take a walk and re-live a path t...

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    Time for putting our Gladiators in the spotlights. Did you knew that Desmumhnach can bring a total gladiatorshow on events? You won...

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