Welcome at our school of wolves or better known as LUDUS LUPUS

Even in the world of the Romans there was room for relaxation and joy. Every important city had his own ampfitheather where people could enjoy the most important event of their time: Gladiatorical fights. With our own Ludus we want to recreate such a day in the ampfitheather. We are not only having the attention on the fights themselves but everything that's around also.

Before and after the fights you can take a look at our LUDUS, a gladiatorschool where the slaves where hardend and trained for upcoming fights.

Have you always wanted to know what's behind these scenes? Who had something to say or is on the bottom of the hiëarchie? Are you interested in what kind of type of gladiators we can show and offer? Than you are the wright adress!

See you soon at the sands of the arena!


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    Desmumhnach searches

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